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A Passaya Korat at your home?

You want to adopt a Korat ? You'd better know that you may have to be patient. It is a rare cat, Breeders prefer quality over quantity. You often get on waiting list before seeing your kitten arriving at home. Our Breeding program is selective and we are a family more than a business, in order to give the best psychological development for each kitten we breed. We use and recommend the best quality food. If we can not answer your request fast enough, we may recommend another member of the " Jardin des Korats " club. We can help you in finding your future pet in Europe or in the US.

A protected breed

All the kittens placed by the members of the "Jardin des Korats" are sold  with a protection contract. This contract is primarily moral. This contract engages us about the thai proven ancestry of your Korat , and the quality standards of his future life. The household kittens will be neutered or spayed at the appropriate age in order to preserve the quality of your lifes ( preventing heats and spraying problems) and not contribute the overpopulation of pets

We feed our cats with the highest quality food! Korats prefer natural products.

We recommend homeopathy and plants for their health.

A life Companion!

Have you ever heard about the Korat long lasting life? It is quite exeptionnal. It is all about love: the life story between you and them, as a responsible Korat owner you can find out how far each other can build this wonderful partnership .There is so much to live, give and receive with these splendid companions at your side ! Cats , and particularly the Korat , are the highest sensitive beings . They can show you the most intimate part of yourself , such a sweetness can be matched only by the maternal relationship . It should however not be infantile , nor enslaving each other. A balance relationtionship can elevate you and reveal the freedom of a mutual gratefulness . There's so much to enjoy and learn from them!

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