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The Passaya Korats

Breeders: we are a family team!

 Romain ATTARD, Elisabeth RUSSO-LAVIA, Muriel COUTEAU
Our Korat queens live with us, our kittens grow up in our bedroom and run free in our home: they are part of our daily life. Each litter is taken care meticulously. They are the fruits of our long experience.


We are always pleased to advice you on your choice and we need to contact you by phone before meeting you in person when it's time to receive your kitten. We do not ship but we do deliver personnaly our kittens anywhere on earth with pleasure. 



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Certificat de Capacité n° 11-110

The Passaya Kittens

Each kitten is unique, as is each new owner. We are honored to contribute to the realization of such a love story between a loving home and one of our beloved  kittens. They are placed after 3 months of age with a passport, fully vaccinated, dewormed and mircrochiped.

As Pure Breed Cats, they are CFA registered and most of them can become magnificent exemple of their breed.​

We can honor requests for pet, breeder, healer or show quality kitten.

Every Passaya Korats have a distinctive temperament we have nourrished respecting the Thai spiritual traditions. Most of them have natural healer dispositions. They can help your family or any human oriented activities by bringing their "Good Fortune" to your household.

Fruits of love and passion for over 25 years, they flourish in a spiritual environment that allows them to express the richness of their soul.

A life is priceless , and the sale costs of our Korats only represent a participation of the operating costs of our breeding program , its promotion and contributes to the preservation of this breed.

They are far from being overpriced but money is also an energy!

Your donations and supports are always welcome!

Our girl MaTan litter! 
We have kittens born on September 7th 2023, 
please check availability.

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