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Some articles about the Korat and the Khao Manee that I introduced in Europe in 2004

Korat atout Chat 1992

Article Korat Atout Chat November 1992 by Marie Dupuis

Article Midi Libre 2005 KM 

Article Midi Libre published on February 14th, 2005 Korat & Khao Manee

Article Var Matin Khao Manee

Presentation of the Khao Manee in Toulon

Khao Manee Chat Magazine 2006

Interview by Marie Dupuis
Chats Magazine Janvier 2006
Pictures from the Coblence meeting Coblence, August 2007
  Concord CFA Show, North Carolin, USA February 2008

Mai Pen Rai Mars 2008

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