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The Korat Psychology

An Ideal Companion

Imagine the perfect companion : a body buidt in silk , the sweetest dispositions , a heart on his face ... And shining as the silver from his coat in the sunlight... No, this is not a dream but only a Korat! This cat , with soft and refined manners , is nevertheless the most joyful companion with us, Humans. Who else can only raving front  with so many qualities and distinctions?

GC BW Passaya
A strong character

The Korat remains a great player all his/her lifetime.  Even if they perfectly acclimatize themself to an apartment life, you must not forget to keep them entertained by playing with them often.

They are "quiet" dominants, they can easily live with other cats or other animals, it is a matter of education. A pair of Korats will keep themself busy while you are not home.

They lead their world with finesse. Soft and cuddly, they will be surely waiting for you on your bed, or at each corner of the house if you delay to hug them .​

A Friendly presence

Like every Asian breeds, they are totally devoted to their masters, but not exclusive : they can also be very sociable and live perfectly happy as part of the family. They can spend hours watching you and know all your movements... by heart ! If they have to stay often at home alone: it's  better to find a playmate for your dear one. They will be even more grateful to you! So open your heart to a Korat : they will reward you a hundred times more !​

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