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Le Jardin des Korats

"Le Jardin des Korats" is an association established in 1992 in France in order  to preserve, promote and protect this rare breed of cats native from Thailand. "

It's a member club of the Cat Fanciers'Association, Inc. since 1994.

It brings together the Korats' admirers, their fans, their owners and some breeders. It provides information and help to all those who are interested in owning a Korat .​

The association is based today in Paris.

All breeders members of this association are committed to give their kittens through the Korat protection contract pledge issued by the association since 1992.

To join the association: nothing is more simple ! Just send a request with your contact specifying your connection with the Korat breed .
The membership fees have no minimum.

A newsletter into french will be sent to you by email to keep you updated with news about Korats in Belgium, Canada , France , Luxembourg & Switzerland.


To have informations regarding kittens,
you can contact us by email:


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